Winter's Rose

The camellia's beauty brings color to the winter landscape...


The camellia is a beautiful flower, prized even more so in the wintertime because it often stands alone as a bright spot in a landscape devoid of most colors other than greens and browns. The foliage on a good number of camellias is a deep waxy green that is just the perfect backdrop for its beautiful blooms in hues of red, pink, or white.


According to the American Camellia Society's website, camellias are grown successfully out of doors in the United States from Long Island, NY, down along the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast, and along the Pacific Coast from California to Washington. They are large, attractive, broad-leaved, evergreen shrubs that are highly prized for their flowers, which bloom from winter to spring. There are more than 2,300 named cultivars registered with the American Camellia Society.

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