Winter's Glory Surrounds Hearth & Home

Glorious colors streak across the winter sky...

I have witnessed quite a few sunsets in my lifetime, and all of them have been amazing. But, I am not sure there is anything so breathtaking as a winter sunset. The brilliance of the yellows, oranges, corals, magentas, and violets... and everything in between... is unparalelled. As the colors streak across the winter sky they paint magical pictures, and each new sunset is an original piece of artwork! A photograph does not do justice to the glory of the winter's brilliance; it must be experienced in person.


What emotions does a sunset like this evoke in you? I am drawn by its beauty, and spurred on to want to bring that beauty right into my own life whether through artwork, photos, writing, or some other means. An event so spectacular must be shared; it begs to be doted on. Take a little time (it really doesn't take much) to enjoy, to linger over and savor these winter sunsets before they are gone. Bask in them, and let them inspire you to bring that glorious beauty into your own life! For more inspiration, check out our feature "Art & Literature..."

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