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The purpose of our website is to seek out, explore, and present those things that are filled with charm and grace. It is homage to the charm of days gone by, and it is a gentle longing for all things lovely and filled with grace for our future.

This website was born from a passion for beauty and the need to share it. There are so many wonderful and lovely things which deserve to be collected and shared. I believe that there must be many kindred souls surfing the web out there who desire an oasis in the midst of the hustle and hurry of our day. That is our goal at Charm & Grace. Sit down, sip a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, and browse without pressure. These pages are here for sheer enjoyment... to provide visual and intellectual beauty.

The inspiration for this online "magazine" is the original Victoria Magazine by Hearst Publications and edited by Nancy Lindemeyer. I would love to have input about what you would like to see on these pages. Please contact us at the link above to let us know your thoughts.

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